6 Tricks to a Flat Stomach

Nov 10 2015


Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? As a person trainer I can tell you, 95% of my clients come to me asking for a tight, toned midsection. Here are some of my tips to help you achieve that dream:

  1. Cardio – The truth is the best way to see your abs is to reduce the fat surrounding them. For us women, that’s where we store most of our fat. 45-60 min of cardio 4-6 days a week should do the trick and help shrink that stomach.
  2. Diet – A flat stomach is made in the kitchen; we’ve all heard this and there is no way around it. A good balance of protein (whey, chicken, fish, egg whites, extra lean beef to name a few) carbs (brown rice, sweet potato, oatmeal) and healthy fats ( almonds, mct oil, nut butters, avacado) are necessary to get those killer abs.
  3. Drink up – Water is essential. You should be drinking at least 1 gallon of water everyday.
  4. Neoprene belly wrap – During cardio I wear a neoprene waist wrap to help reduce water retention in the abdominal region.
  5. Heart rate monitor – To Make sure your doing cardio in the appropriate fat burning zone ( depending on your age anywhere from 130-160 bpm) everytime! Remember, you have a goal so make every minute count don’t just go through the motions.
  6. Consistency – Your not going to get a tight toned tummy after one workout; however, every workout brings you that much closer to your goal of having a flat stomach. Be patient and stay on track.

By Stefanie Bambrough

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