Staying Motivated – 4 tips to help

Nov 10 2015


I’m writing this as I’m doing my round 2 of cardio 6 days out from my 3rd IFBB/NPC competition of the year; I’m tired and sick of living my life in a pool of sweat: I just want to wake up when I want and eat whatever I want. Right now motivation is low and I just want to hit the STOP button.

BUT wait!!! why am I here? Why do I wake up at 4:30am everyday so I can do cardio?? For me, the answer is because I truly love it.  I love seeing how my body can change in just a week; I want to be an example for my clients and family; this is why I will not hit STOP!!! I WILL keep going because no one has ever said, “I really regret that workout.”

People tell me all the time that I always look like I’m having so much fun; truth of the matter is sometimes I am, but sometimes I’m not… Like today. Those days I think about how amazing and accomplished I will feel when I do finish everything I’m suppose to do.  The best things in life don’t come easy, therefore I’m going to work for it and keep pushing forward.

4 Motivation Tips!

  1. I always keep something inspirational where I can see it so I can keep my goals in sight.
  2. The background on my phone is a picture of a fellow IFBB Bikini pro’s glutes… That way everytime I pick up my phone I see what I’m striving for.
  3. I keep fitness magazines in plain view
  4. I close my eyes (not for very long because I might fall off my treadmill) and visualize how it feels to stand on that stage and know I’ve done everything possible to be my best.

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we started this journey. Find YOUR Reason and YOUR motivation and run with it!!  Whatever your reason keep it at the front of your mind.  Not everyday will be peaches and cream, but you have to push passed the bad days and stay motivated.  You can do anything.

By Stefanie Bambrough

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